ODM : Total Development & Manufacturing Service

ODM:Total development and manufacturing service

Our total ODM service involves development, cosmetic design, mechanical and electrical design, evaluation of samples, parts production, material procurement by overseas Shin-Ei network, and manufacturing the product by EMS.

Design & Development Z
Prototyping Z Z
Tooling Z Z
Metal stamping & Moulding Z Z
Manufacturing Z Z

Design & Development

Development and Manufacturing service

Our service are mechanical design and development by 3D CAD, prototyping, evaluation of samples and researching standard to the product.
We provide total ODM service with our EMS and other manufacturing process.

  • Design of the product
  • Design mock-up
  • Prototyping
  • Mechanical design by 3D CAD
  • Software development
  • Electric circuit design


Laser machine

We enable a quick delivery for the sheet metal prototype by laser machine, punching machine, and bending machine, and the plastic parts by 3D printer, and the material procurement, and the PCB assembly, and the wiring harness, and prototype assembly and eveluation.



We can fabricate the precision tooling for metal stamping of treated steel sheet, aluminum sheet, copper sheet and magnesium alloy sheet, as well as the tooling for moulding of POM, ABS, and engineering plastics. Our tooling fabrication makes one stop service till a high quality product supply.
We are qualified by the customers about single-shot stamping tooling, progressive die, die for robot, tooling for moulding, and our VE proposal to production lot size and product shape.

Metal stamping & Moulding

Metal stamping line with robot

Our productivity is exellent by the latest production equipments and our technologies for a long time. This applies to the flexible production as weel as mass production. We are trying to improve our technology by our flexible ideas, as aiming "nothing to complete the improvement".


EMS for electronics equipments

We have been manufacturing a wide range of units like electronics equipments, special printers, storages, industrial equipments, medical equipments, and communication equipments.
Housing assembly, wiring the harness, electric testing, mechanical testing, and safty evaluation are available.

EMS:Manufacturing Details