from C.E.O.

We are proud of a small and excellent manufacturing company !

We sincerely appreciate your warmest support to guide us under drastic economic environment since our establishment.
We have set our company codes as "We are proud of a small and excellent manufacturing company !" since our establishment, and we have tried to provide the short lead-time, high quality, low cost, and the best service quickly.
When our headquarter and factory shifted to the current industrial estate in May 1982, electronics equipment manufacturing department and development & design department were newly set up in order to respond the wider customer request.
And we have set up overseas factory in advance for the customer request, we have the factories in Korea, at Suzhou in China, at Calamba in Philippines, and at Hanoi in Vietnam now.
We will try to be a global company who can respond the customer request in the future, as reminding our sprit in the establishment.
We hope you will give us further guidance and encouragement in the future.

President (C.E.O.)@Kenji Sugiura