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Aluminum decoration
EMS (Manufacturing)
Metal stamping
Design & Development
Sheet Metal
Aluminum decoration
We produce the cosmetic aluminum parts and emblem used for automotive, consumer electronics, housing and funiture.
You can develop a fine original product by silk printing, anodizing, etching and machining on the aluminum.
alumi image
Metal stamping
Our metal stamping process is applied for a wide range from small precise parts to large panels.
We can provide one stop service from the tooling fabrication to the high quality production.
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Sheet metal
We do the precise sheet metal working by laser machine, CNC punching machine and bending machine.
Wide range of products from prototype to mass production are applied including precise drawing, arc welding, TIG welding.
metal image
EMS (Manufacturing)
We provide the electronics manufacturing service on the various units and equipments for electronics, industrial and medical feild.
Our service is including material procurement and provided in domestic/overseas.
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Design & Development
Our service are mechanical design and development by 3D CAD, prototyping, evaluation standard development, evaluation of samples and reserching standard to the product.
We provide total ODM service with our EMS and other manufacturing process.
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Latest Information

Mar 2016
Message of the chairman of Shin-Ei group has been released, and URL of group companies have been updated.
Sept 2015
Our total ODM service : ODDM has been newly released.
Aug 2015
Several pages on Shin-Ei group have been added.
Jan 2015
We exhibited in Technical Show Yokohama 2015 at Pacifico Yokohama. We appriciate your visits.